Welcome to Casa das Muralhas

In the historic center of Covilhã, an old building began a new adventure.

Located in the historic zone of the city, on a centenary property built with granite blocks, was born a tourist unit in a perfect symbiosis between history and modernity.
In this house, typically Beirã, we offer our guests genuine experiences of our region. Casa das Muralhas is the ideal place for those looking for quality accommodation, a good meal or just a simple coffee.


To perpetuate the soul of this place we requalified the space providing it with all the comfort and convenience, without compromising the patrimony and historical heritage of this beautiful house.
After being a family home, a school and even a museum, for the fourth time in more than a century, Casa das Muralhas starts a new journey to last at least another 100 years.
Be part of our history!